E.L. Murphy’s Irish Bread Company


Q: Can E.L. Murphy's Irish Bread be frozen?

A: Yes! Once baked our bread will freeze perfectly. Use a freezer grade bag or freezer wrap. Bread will last for several months in freezer if properly stored.


Q: What is the best way to thaw frozen E.L. Murphy's Irish Bread?

A: Our bread can be thawed by leaving on the counter until defrosted (at least 30 mins) or heated in oven or toaster oven on low until warmed through. 


Q: Do you have to thaw the entire bread at once?

A: No! You can freeze the bread and thaw per slice using the same instructions outlined above. 


Q: If I only have smaller pans, how many E.L. Murphy's Irish Breads does one bag of mix make?

A: This really depends on the pan. For example, if using a Bundt Pan, it can vary based on the size of the Bundt Pan. A large Bundt *12 Cup* will make one package of bread. A 6 Cup Bundt can make 2 breads by splitting the batter evenly. Loaf pans work great too!


Q: Do I need to use a Bundt Pan in order to make E.L. Murphy's Irish Bread?

A: No! This bread will really work with any pan. Our family tradition has been to make this bread in a Bundt Pan as our grandmother did! If using Bundt, serve flat side up!


Q: Which types of spreads go well with E.L. Murphy's Irish Bread?

A: Softened butter is always a good choice, however we've had many customers use Jams/Preserves such as Blueberry, Strawberry, Peach and Apple.  


Q: Can you save the mix once made if you only want to bake 1/2?

A: We do not recommend this as you would need to refrigerate the batter and this may change the consistency of the bread.